Hurricanes are mostly unpredictable and can be very devastating when they catch you and your family unprepared. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, then protecting your home from the tropical storm is necessary. The best measure you can take to secure your household is by installing hurricane impact resistant windows also known as impact windows.

Protecting your house before the hurricane season can save you from strong wind loads hurled at your window glasses in high speeds. Having a broken glass window in the storm only makes way for storm water and traps wind in your house that may burst open your walls or escape by tearing away your roof. Such tragic scenes were witnessed in Hurricane Andrew and other severe hurricanes. You don’t want to go through such agony. If you are still using traditional protective materials like plywood to shield your windows, consider making some window replacements with hurricane windows. Old protective methods may not withstand strong hurricanes.

Quality impact windows will minimize damage on your house and hence protect your family from injuries. These special windows are robust enough to protect your family in the day or night. The windows feature laminated glass and aluminum frames that can withstand strong hurricane forces. To maintain the beauty of your home, these storm windows are available in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes. It can be hard for someone to differentiate your elegant hurricane windows with ordinary windows.

You can have your new replacement windows customized from Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale FL to suit your home’s architecture and still withstand the elements that come with the bad weather. Hard objects like wood planks or sticks pelted at your window by strong winds will not get through the laminated glass. Even if the glass is broken the lamination will hold in place the glass shards which can cause serious injuries to the occupants of your house.

After installing impact windows, there will be no need for window replacements in the near future because these windows are permanent and are designed to last for many years even with harsh weathers. Additionally, impact resistant windows have insulating properties. This means heat loss reduction and hence low energy bills.

If you choose to install hurricane impact resistant windows, also remember to do the same for your glass doors for maximum protection from the strong tropical storms. Find a professional residential improvement company to help you with efficient window replacements before the hurricane season hits ground.

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